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Arch Frenemy

An elegent music, from a more civilized time...

The Legend

This one-man band is the brainchild of its oldest and only member, Mark Pierce. The musical style is a blend of folk, rock and indie pop with a strong focus toward lyrical and melodic content. The instruments used include acoustic guitar, banjo, ukulele, electric guitars, bass guitar, analog synthesizers, analog drum machines, circuit bent creations and everyday objects.

The Music

Arch Frenemy believes that in music, as in life, contrast reveals beauty. When sweet tones and harsh noises are blended correctly, they offer another level of expression and a glimpse into artistic turmoil. Thoughtful lyrics, crisp acoustic sounds, deep bass, swirling distortions, dense sonic textures, digital crispness, analog warmth, bright pops, muddy drones... All working together to enhance each other and to help convey the musical moment. The goal of this project is to accomplish some semblance of this grandiose vision. From a sound engineering standpoint, musically combining these frequencies without neutering the overall mix is possibly the ultimate recording challenge.

Arch Frenemy fully acknowledges that he will fall far short of these lofty aspirations. However, while perfection is impossible, art is inevitable! All instruments, vocals and sounds on these songs are written, played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Arch Frenemy himself. It is a daunting challenge, but a labor of love.

The Artist and Inventor

Arch Frenemy is driven to tinker. His creations vary wildly including homemade and customized items such as electronic instruments, jewelry, belt buckles, flasks, premium damascus steel pocket knives, computer programs and iPhone docks built out of vintage radios. He is currently drawn to incorporating old circuit boards and discarded electronics in his artwork. Please visit to see some of Arch Frenemy's artwork. Project descriptions, DIY instructions and construction images are often available on his Dorky Blog and the Projects/Gear/Mods page. Some of his creations and fan merchandise are available for purchase from his Etsy store and in a few boutique shops.